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Author Topic: Technocon website up -- sort of  (Read 1851 times)
Michael Hopcroft

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« on: May 14, 2003, 06:01:56 PM »

A Placeholder Website for Technocon 2003 is now up. I encoruage you to visit and see who's signed up so far.

We also ahve an e-mail form for suggestions, a link to request information, and a button for cash donations towards convention expenses.

Hopefully if all goes well (and a decent webmaster volunteers his hand) there will be a lot more at this website. Does anyone know of a chat server who would volunteer for very little money to host the convention's 6-10 chat rooms (during the con) and 1-2 chatrooms (before and afterwards)?

We're also actively seeking gamemasters, sponsors, prize donors and a person to run our Diplomacy(tm) Tournament.

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