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Author Topic: TRoS Chargen  (Read 1429 times)

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« on: June 05, 2003, 03:06:43 PM »

Quote from: Wolfen
Also, someone (don't remember who, off the top of my head) has a write-up which does a really good job of simplifying character creation, or so most say; I've not got a copy myself. They're requiring that you show proof of owning the book before they'll send it to you, as it's got a lot of information from the book within it.

That someone is me, actually. The process is as described, just PM me with your email address and i will ask the question. The question is fairly simple, but certainly requires ownership of the book (there is a lot of obscure information i can dig up from it). A correct answer will get you the chargen pack.

The 8 page package includes priorities, skill packets with default values, a list of all skills with default values, a summary of all Gifts and Flaws (including Sorcerous), all proficiencies combined into one quick, easy reference table, and all combat maneuvers printed into a single sheet on the back for quick reference during play.

One thing that is in the works is an adjustment to the Skill Table, where i will be including attributes relevant to a particular skill.

The package is quite handy if you don't have at-the-table access to Brian's handy Chargen program, such as via a laptop.
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