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New Wastelands

Started by Gordon C. Landis, October 01, 2001, 07:52:00 PM

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Gordon C. Landis

Hey!  Did I miss an annoucement somewhere?  There're a  number of new chapters of "The Wastelands" up at Wicked Press!  I'm off on vacation soon, so it's unlikely I'll add any substantive comments for a few weeks, but . . . I'm happy to see 'em.  Interesting reading.

Gordon C. Landis (under construction)

John Wick

Thanks Gordon.

A new chapter (as yet untitled) should be up in a few days.
Hope everybody's enjoying it. I'm having a blast.

Take care,
Carpe Deum,

Ron Edwards

This is more about Honor Among Thieves, but here goes. John, have you read "God Stalk" by P.C. Hodgell? I think it's one of very few decent traditional-fantasy novels from the 80s. I didn't like it's sequel "Dark of the Moon" very much, but God Stalk is good stuff. The best "thieves guild" fiction since Leiber.



Started out as a Fantasy Campaign Setting that got too ambitious, but the ideas were just too cool to leave alone.

I'm glad John is keeping it alive, I really like that place.  Wouldn't want to live there, though.