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Author Topic: Intuitive Continuity  (Read 2477 times)
Blake Hutchins

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« on: October 19, 2001, 11:47:00 AM »

This may belong in the Actual Play forum, but I'll start here.  I'm interested in comparing concrete methods (meaning what you've actually tried in gameplay) for implementing the intuitive continuity style of play.

I've tried to "grow" story elements out of player backstories and interests, and the results have been mixed.  The biggest problem I've had is that I've also approached a campaign with my own overarching plot in mind, and it interfered with player "subplots."

OTOH, I ran a Vampire game in which the entire chronicle changed in the prelude of one of the players, whose interpretation of what I considered mere background information totally informed the direction of his character to the point where the chronicle adapted entirely to his priorities.  In the end, this game turned out to be the most successful one I've ever run.

Anyone else out there have experience with this particular style?  I'd love to hear it, along with some dissection of how best to incorporate Intuitive Continuity in a game.



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