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Art-Deco Melodrama

Started by Ron Edwards, October 18, 2001, 04:02:00 PM

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Ron Edwards

To all,

I got'em. All done with this thread.

(I'll take care of the demon's Desires, if they haven't been announced already ... bad-man chuckle follows)

Tune in later for the new thread about what the GM *does* with all this stuff.


Mike Holmes

Carefully, the hunched over Author creeps down the dimly lit corridor to the room at the end, a jumble of papers clutched to his chest. He glances back over his shoulder as he enters his study. Seeing that he is alone, an odd smile cracks his face. He enters his study and closes the large but crooked oak door. A sliver of weird yellow light escapes from under it, cut intermittently by the shadow of his hand moving feverishly.

And, after uncomfortable periods of near silence, the air is punctured by mad giggles of delight.
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Ron Edwards

The Author? Hell no. Shall we say, the alchemist who is preparing the ink and paper for the REAL authors.

All right, I'm calling it. This thread is over. No more posts, please.