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Towards an Addictive Personality Model of Lousy Play

Started by Cemendur, August 30, 2003, 07:29:33 AM

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Towards an Addictive Personality Model of Lousy Play

· the Hero: tries to make the group look good by achieving success.
· the Scapegoat: diverts attention from the problem by getting into trouble
· the Lost Child: hides out, tries not to make waves, draws attention by non-pressure
· the Clown: lessens tension in the group by being funny and cute
· the Placater: tries to reduce conflict in the group by smoothing things over
· the Enabler: prevents the addicts from experiencing the consequences their addictive behaviour.

Rule of Isolation

· the addictive group is a closed system - it tries to be self sufficient
· the members cling emotionally to each other but never become intimate or functional in their communication
· they cannot afford to have people outside the group know what is happening
· the group myth of " we will be there for you when you need us" is just not true - it is incapable of supporting its players emotionally or spiritually. They continue to isolate from other people, their feelings of loneliness run very deep.
"We have to break free of roles by restoring them to the realm of play." Raoul Vaneigem, 'The Revolution of Everyday Life'


hi Cemendur, welcome to the Forge!

you might want to repost to a new thread, since resurrecting long-dead threads here is a forbidden form of necromancy. it tends to cause confusion. EXAMPLE: I was about to reply to Paul's orginal post, because I thought this was a new, active issue, not an old horse that had long ago been beaten to death. in this particular case, it might not have mattered, but suppose the old thread had been closed because passions were running too hot? you don't want to re-open any old wounds...
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The above two posts were split from On making the same character over and over.

Cemendur, welcome! That is one hell of a good opening post. Everyone, please discuss.

It strikes me, for instance, that these are wonderful variables or rather, roles, operating at my "first" level of analysis in The Class Issue thread.