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Artists: Faux Tattoos and Flash Sheet Designs

Started by AgentFresh, August 31, 2003, 09:00:45 PM

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I'm looking for an artist or artists who could do the following:

1. PhotoShop realistic tattos onto skin in photos.

2. "Flash Sheet" (the samples and patterns on the wall of Tatto parlors) type line art, both classic and "new school."

On number 2, just some public domain flash sheets would be cool.

This project would probably be PDF...and might end up being free, so I don't know what we could work out in the way of terms. The ball would be in your court, I guess.

Also, if anyone knows any good references to the history and cultrue of modern Tattooing, that'd be helpful.

Thanks, Forgites.
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Big Simon

I'm only a little confused, but that's okay.  It's not abnormal for me.

Are you providing the flash that you want converted?

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No. I would like some original designs if possible. Or, at the very least, Public domain ones.

I've since found some public domain photos to use for the project. I'd still dump most of them in second for some good original art.

Sorry I've been so slow with this reply.
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Jason: I'm not exactly sure what you're planning on doing here, but I'd like to give you a little advice.

If you're planning on making any money whatsoever on this project and you use someone else's flash *even as a basis for another design* you should probably get it approved by the original artist.  Tattoo artists tend to be extremely touchy about what they percieve as somebody ripping off their work.  

Good luck.
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