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Personal Relevance and Multi-PC Play

Started by lumpley, September 15, 2003, 05:30:37 PM

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Up in Character and Our Weird Gamer Friends, Clinton wrote
QuoteDoing this myself, I have specific characters that are:
- Sad-About-Divorce Clinton
- Really-Pissed-Off-Now-About-Divorce Clinton
- Attracted-to-Friend's-Wife Clinton
- Wishing-to-Enact-Justice-on-Loony-Parents Clinton

Looking at a character you've played over and over again with a different name and different face is another good exercise in this territory.
As lots of you know, Meguey and Emily Care and I play a longterm Ars Magica game, co-GMed, with overt negotiation for System and Otherkind dice for conflict mechanics.  It's groovy but what I want to say is, echoing Clinton, for me it's all about:
- Insecure-About-Fatherhood Vincent

The goodness of having many PCs is that I can tackle the problem from lots of angles at once.  A quick overview of my characters gives us:
- Child of a distracted and disinterested father Vincent
- Abusive and manipulative bastard father Vincent
- Good, conscientious and thoughtful father Vincent with a son who's not living up to my expectations
- Religious fanatic father Vincent with a son who's not living up to my expectations
- Son who failed to live up to his religious fanatic father's expectations Vincent

All of which are relevant to my life.

I admit to the wacky psychology!  I'd rather be playing games with this stuff than inflicting it on my kids.


Jason Lee

Though I'm on record as not approaching my play from the personal issues stance, I would agree that multiple pc's really help in hitting a theme hard.  I've got a whole family full of characters and it really lets me explore the family dynamics (albeit weird, incestuous royal family dynamics - I blame Hamlet).

I bet the co-GMing helps quite a bit too.  The more control you have over the environment and npcs the more you can steer the world towards the theme - by controlling npc reactions, creating events that challenge the theme, and so on.  We actually run on a GM rotation (6 players, currently 20 active pcs) instead of co-GMing, and that's my experience anyway.

I also think the campaign play helps.  It gives you more time to both build up to things and address the details.
- Cruciel