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Your thoughts please

Started by garapata, September 18, 2003, 11:15:57 AM

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Tim Alexander

Hey Tobie,

I'm pretty much with Andrew on this one, though I am curious about your answer to Ron's goals question. I'm a little confused somewhat at your desire to ditch the whole group and start anew, especially since it seems most of the strife is tied to a single player who's done you the favor of removing himself. It makes me wonder if perhaps I'm missing something, which makes knowing what you're hoping to get out of this whole thing in the end more important.




Well, frankly I opted to take a hiatus from that said group because
a) Each turn I ran started to hit me with all these internal concerns. ("Will they take that scene with new guy as another biased scene?" "Will this new challenge instead seem like another harder for us than him moment?" "Was that artifact good enough or did it seem too much like a smaller benefit that the one new guy earned?")
b) I was concerned that if this continued, I might begin to relate the questions as complaints towards them than concerns I am hoping to address.
c) My self-esteem as a Storyteller who makes games others appreciate was being eaten up.  I felt the need to replenish myself and rebuild my esteem on it.

There was a mini-convention this weekend that I attended.  It was a spectacular experience. Running two demo games for strangers suddenly refilled my rush-feelings and my enthusiasm to running a game without the internal conflict-politic ongoing.

(details can be found at my blog,

Thanks for the thoughts everyone!
I think I'm managing it okay for now.