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Crux - cover image?

Started by taalyn, September 21, 2003, 01:45:24 PM

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Hey everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick!)

Crux is progressing along nicely, but I do have one thing that I just can't get through, and Im not having any luck with my staff.

ANy of you people who were interested in Crux have an idea for the "perfect" cover imagery?

If you need details on the game, I can provide them, but I'd rather just see what immediately pops into your head. Of course, I'll probably have to post something, so I can get the non-Crux-initiated - how about this, the rough draft of back cover blurb:

Quote from: We
Your wildest dreams. Most secret fantasies.

Your passions: dark or light.

Imagined worlds and nightmares.

Where everything is possible, and nothing is forbidden.

You can watch a little girl in the park, collecting flowers for her
mother. She carries a floppy doll in a grubby hand, and a bouquet of
dandelions in the other. Her nose needs cleaning, and her ponytails
could use some combing. She looks like any other 5-year old, except
for one thing:

From the waist down, her body is that of a ferret. She's a

You can call your friend at home, where he's watching the game. His
wife is in the kitchen, making dinner - pot roast, he says. Their two
kids are at the kitchen table doing homework, arguing, and making
suggestions for dessert, while their golden retriever barks outside.
They look like an average family, but:

They're look like nothing but animated water.

These are the Noom - some have existed since before humanity was a
wave in a pool of primordial ooze. Others were born recently, out of
the stuff of human imagination. They live out their lives in a world
of worlds - the Plasm.
They have many names for themselves: Inchoa, Sheen, Nigh, Fae,
Nonsuch, Shimmer, Gyp, Deo, Breed, Neiro, Quem, Loke... You may be
one of them.

On the other side is the Tell, the world humanity has mastered and
colonized. The Noom are at war, and that war has begun to carry into
the Tell. Now, along the highways and Main Streets, traffic crosses
more than just state lines. Their passing awakens the Sleeping Shoal,
humanity at rest, and suddenly your dentist is working magic, the
babysitter has turned into a Hindu goddess, and your wife has joined
the Pale, an order devoted to monitoring the Caesura, the wall
between the Worlds.

With increased traffic, it's become thin. People have gone missing,
families torn apart when a son wandered into the Plasm. Terrorism is
funded by the Marahh, Noom who want to see the Shoal destroyed.
Schizophrenics are possessed by Caesurites, and the conspiracy is
soon to be exposed. The growing threat has invoked Lex, threatening
to push mankind into an evolution they're not ready for.

Come explore the Plasm: visit Ghedde, the vast trashheap of a city
at the center of the Plasm, where every fetish is embodied and
available, for a price; run in the autumn beauty of Vertumn, and talk
with the giant trees who live there; live and die in a universe where
every Dream sleeps in its own home.

Use a system based on motes: colored tokens as the randomizers.
Build your unique caern, defining your character's own personal
probability pool. Your Passions have colors, and anything you can
imagine can be an Aspect of your character.

Come to Crux, explore the Possible,

at the Crossroads in Reality.

So, anyone have ideas for the perfect cover image?

Aidan Grey

Crux Live the Abnatural