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Today, at least, I love my FLGS

Started by Ace, September 24, 2003, 12:14:14 AM

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Well I have spent a fair amount of time complaining about my FLGS

Today at least I have nothing to complain about. They were if you will forgive the Gilbert and Sullivan "The perfect model of the modern friendly local game store"

I was

Greeted as I entered

Able to use the back room (to eat lunch no less)

Met 2, gamers (1 female no less!) who fit my criteria and share a common interest in systems

Offered a bag for my chunky purchase without asking

Given a very nice price on some sale table stuff

Thanked cordially for picking up my special order

and the piece de resistance the clerk remebered I like Indy games, showed me a special order copy of OBAM (OF Beasts and Men) for The Riddle of Steel, said they can and would be happy to order it for me.

I declined  because I am not sure I plan on keeping TROS however the though was just plain cool!

All of this professionalism was topped off by the fact the whole store has a 20% off special on everything

I have never had a better experience at this story and darn few at other stores that match it

Just thought I would share


I love these happy little "epilogue" type posts that crop up now and then.  Thanks for sharing!  Incidentally, what is your FLGS, so that others can check it out if they're in the area?


If you don't mind I will keep that a secret --

Not that I don't mind giving them the business but most of the time they customer service sucks !

If you wre to go 99% of the time all you would hear is a bunch of Grognard BS and see the "clerks" painting figures

Besides the 20% off is only good this month