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Arena RPG

Started by realms_creator, October 24, 2003, 12:36:45 PM

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We here at RGS are working on a new RPG call Arenas of the Realms. What the game is about is arena combat. The players will choose a fighter type Wizard,Rogue,Kinghts,Cleric class. They will choose their weapons and armor. They will then choose up to 20 creatures from our creature guide. Each creature will have a number associated with it. The players will roll 1D12 to see who will start the combat. The player that rolls the highest roll will attack first. They choose who they want. Then in a clockwise rotation the next player attacks. Now at anytime they can roll for a creature to come into play. They choose who they wanted to attack. Once the creature is combat anyone can pick who it attacks after the creature first attack. A  judge will keep track of the creature or creatures life points. The winner is the last man or woman standing.

Is this something that someone would like to play?

Ron Edwards

Hi there,

This isn't a great forum for surveying "would you like it" threads. It'll do better if you present the goals and make inquiries about specific design issues.

For comparison with pre-existing games, check out Arena of Khazan, a Tunnels & Trolls supplement. It's extremely well-known and widely played, so it's kind of a benchmark for you to compare your project to.



Sounds like a good "we can't get the group together" kinda game to me, which I something I'm looking for.