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We're Moving!

Started by Cynthia Celeste Miller, October 17, 2003, 03:12:51 PM

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Cynthia Celeste Miller

We're moving!

Q: What?
A: Spectrum Games now has a new website.  It's small, but feel free to
check it out at

Q: Where's the Cartoon Action Hour site going to?
A: Nowhere.  It's staying at, because it's
still a partnership with Z-Man Games.  We'll cross-link the site,
though, and we've added some Spectrum links to the CAH site.

Q: Wait, so who's moving?
A: We are!  As part of the new Spectrum site, we have new forums and new
lists!  The forums are at, and are
exclusive to Spectrum!  We now have five different forums for a variety
of Spectrum products, and we can add more as the need arises.  Also,
we're moving our email lists from Yahoo! Groups to our dedicated Mailman
service at  The
spectrumgames list will be divided into the CAH list and a Stuff list
for off-topic conversations, and we'll have more for our other products

Q: When will this happen?
A: Now!  The other places are all ready to go - just click on the links
and sign up!  (If you forget the links, don't worry - they're on the
Community section of the Spectrum site, too.)  The email list and forum
will be deactivated at some point in the future (probably a week or so),
but if you need any help getting on one or the other, just drop Eddy a
line at

Q: Is that all?
A: No way!  We also have a LiveJournal community for longer and more
esoteric news - it's at, or you can look at
it directly from the Spectrum site at  Feel free to sign up for
the community and post!

Q: Will Kargorr still be around?
A: Unfortunately.  He has an air-tight contract.

We hope you like the new features!
Cynthia Celeste Miller
President, Spectrum Games