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Cr34tion A.D.

Started by Skywalker, November 13, 2003, 05:58:01 PM

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The one page ad on  the Key20 site has me very intrigued but I can otherwise find absolutely no other information on this. All the other games have additional info but not this one.

Anyone know more?

New Zealand Outpost of RPG Thought:

Jason L Blair

Creation AD is a game I first started working on in 1996. I ran a few games of it at GenCon 97 (I keep thinking Mike Holmes was involved in one [which ended up being really bad] but I'm not certain).

Anyway, it's gone through many incarnations since then but it's finally becoming realized. It's an amalgam of many game and game-fragments. It's heavily influenced by Akira (the motion picture), my initial work on a game called Institution 88, Cyberpunk & Cybergeneration, virology, the notes I have for a game called MACHINA (which is related to Creation AD), the idea of an underground resistance, and my own deep fascination with the mythology and aesthetic of angels and demons (imagine if angelic and demonic affectation became a popular streetstyle).

It's an interesting game and it's slated to be the next Sphere Engine game (after Justifiers) beating out my desert-fantasy game and another game about dimension-hopping thieves.
Jason L Blair
Writer, Game Designer


Thank you Jason. The ad for it was very good. I will be keeping an eye out for it.
New Zealand Outpost of RPG Thought: