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TROS musings and questions and stuff...

Started by Paganini, January 13, 2004, 03:36:25 AM

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So, I finally got it. Bad stuff first... I was kinda disappointed with the editing. Bad grammar, misspellings, too wordy, and stuff. Better than a lot of indie publications, true, but I was expecting something more professional, judging from the quality of the cover, binding, paper, printing, etc. The layout is pretty good though, text flow is easy to follow. I wish the organization was more coherent. You have to jump around a lot. Frex, it would have been nice to have at least the reference skill list in the chargen chapter.

The art was both better and worse than I expected. The bad is really bad... I came, I saw He-Man fanart, I disolved into laughter. But the good is pretty freakin' good. I love the flying head on page 70.

System wise, I dislike that there are three sliding variables involved in every die roll, with only scant advice for the GM for setting them. Not a big deal though, pretty easy to decide your own way of doing things.

I was wondering about armor coverage... seems like that's a pretty important deal, deciding whether or not you're protected. Are you just supposed to use common sense or what?

On the whole, very cool game. It seems to be very scaleable. For a game that's not billed as modular, it's pretty easy to rip chunks out of it. Easily driftable. It's almost like two games in one. Basic hardcore narrative engine a la Pool, plus wicked nasty combat sim.

I hope Mike gets off his butt soon and runs it for us. I've already got a character, even. :)

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Brian Leybourne

Uh.. wouldn't this go better in the TROS forum?

Brian Leybourne

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Quote from: Brian LeybourneUh.. wouldn't this go better in the TROS forum?


Well, yes. I think my browser is conspiring against me. What the heck? The links aren't even next to each other.