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60 Second Pool (variation)

Started by Kenway, November 28, 2003, 02:18:24 AM

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How about this Pool variation:

   60 second Pool (variation).

   *For character creation, instead of 50 words, you get 60 seconds to describe your character orally to the others.  The other players will write down some attributes from your speech they find interesting.  You choose from their lists the 6 or so attributes that you want to start with.

   *Each MOV won gives the PC 60 seconds of narration.

Mike Holmes

Hmmm. The idea being that the pressure will make for more extemporaneous ideas? What do you see as the advantage?

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Character creation:  I thought this would be spontaneous and fun.
Has there been another rpg where the other players actively help create your pc like this?

MOVs:  -There have been Pool threads about when the GM should cut off a MOV.  Just thought this might make things easier.
-On the other hand, with my novice Pool group, they tend to make MOVs exactly one sentence.  This might help them.
-This is obscure, but do you remember the board game Civilization?  I recall the card trading phase (whatever it was called) that was timed.  That phase was lots of fun.  It just sort of popped into my head.
-I have no idea how this would play out.  I'll try it this month, promise!

Mike Holmes

"Recall Civilization?" I play regularly. Have a game scheduled in February coming up. And, yes, the trading is the best part. It's basically an extension of the old game Pit, which originated the idea of open trading in a time limit in order to create a sense of urgency to play. In fact, I've created no less than seven different games trying to capture that same effect in a large-scale dynamic. I still intend to do it as a convention event someday.

So, I think it'll work for what you want to an extent. OTOH, some thoughtful sorts might not produce well under pressure. I think it's a playtesting issue.

Perhaps they get one minute for every one that comes up on the die?

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Michael S. Miller

Quote from: Kenway
Has there been another rpg where the other players actively help create your pc like this?

There's a game called Sketch (came out in 2001, IIRC) where character creation is: 1) Draw your character; 2) Pass it around the table; 3) Everybody rates every character in something like 5 attributes; 4) The results are averaged to give you your attributes.

Still, the idea of 60-second Pool is kinda cool. When I used to run Theatrix games at GenCon, I would have folks "audition" for characters in 25 words or less. Pressure can be a very good thing. I also like linking it to the number of ones on the dice.
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James V. West

Cool idea! I added it to the variations page.

I've toyed with the idea of a char gen system that works with group input. I think it's cool as hell. Late-coming players might not have much input, but that could be worked out somehow.