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Publishing Snowball

Started by Lxndr, November 06, 2003, 10:36:01 AM

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Up to this point, I've offered Snowball free from the Twisted Confessions website.  I have no plans to stop doing that.  However, I am also tempted to submit it to the No Press Anthology that Luke/abzu is putting together.  I'd like to see my name in print, so to speak, and Snowball is my only truly complete and playtested game.

That said, it's unabashedly a derivative/relative of the Pool, mechanically speaking, and I'm not quite sure how much of the "copyright" of the game I might or might not own.  So, James, whether or not I need your approval (which I'm unsure) I'd still like to ask, and recieve it, before I decide to submit Snowball to the NPA.

So, may I?
Alexander Cherry, Twisted Confessions Game Design
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James V. West

As long as you acknowledge The Pool and it's author (yours truly) in your game, then have at it. And good luck with it!


Would you like to put The Pool in the NPA alonside Snowball? Could be a fun exercise in design. Something like: two directors given the same script come back with two completely different films.

Could be fun.


James V. West

Ok, but fill me in on NPA. I haven't been keeping up lately...


Hi James,

Basically, I am putting together an anthology of "No Press" short-form rpgs. Rpgs that would not otherwise see print will be presented with their brethren in a nice printed edition. Authors retain all the rights and each gets a cut of the sales. You can check out all the details in these threads if you're interested.

Currently, Snowball makes my 6th contribution. We are almost ready to roll!