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Looking for editors who need practice

Started by Michael Hopcroft, August 13, 2002, 09:11:58 PM

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Michael Hopcroft

I'm looking for skilled but not neccesarily experienced copyeditors who need credits and experience before they can move on to bigger and better things, to help Seraphim Guard make its products better.

Anyone interested?
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This is definitely something I'd like to do.  If anyone at all needs copyediting services, please send me a message.

--- Jonathan N.
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Ron Edwards

Hi there,

I'm also available for general copy-editing, although a given assignment may be turned down if I'm being swamped by other things. If I accept it, though, I'll turn it around fast.



I'd love to help. Never edited a game before, but have some editing experience in academic contexts.


I'm also willing to edit.   I've never edited a game, but have edited for a campus humor magazine back in college.  


Rich Forest

I'll also add my name to the list of available editors.  I have some academic editing experience, and I edited octaNe.  I'd like to support the indie RPG scene as much as possible, so I'll edit for free (or for a free copy of the game).  However, during the academic year, I can only afford to edit games that are on the smaller end, size-wise, due to time constraints.  

That said, feel free to contact me if you need editing help.    

Rich Forest


I love editing. I have experience editing a variety of student publications, and I end up in an editor's role in computer documentation here at WFF more often than I like to admit. Plus, I like to think I'm good at ferreting out unclear rules -- it's related to finding the same in CSOC procedure documents, IMHO. ;^)

In short, editing is something I like to do and would like to get a chance to do more of, tho I am technically an amateur.
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I am also available for editing work; I've twice [2000 and 2001] been nominated for an Origins Award for The Shadowrun Supplemental in the Best Amatuer Periodical category. If you want to see the issues that sparked the nomination, I'd suggest issues #12-17 at

I am generally not available for free work, but I am willing to accomodate indie publishers needs.

Trevor Curtis

Yeah,this sounds very cool. I have a BFA in journalism gathering dust, but woudl love any chance I get to help out game designers. Of course, It will add to the karmic wheel when I do decide to write a game.
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I'm interested.  I've got experience, but I'll work for free.  I've served as founding editor of a news-arts magazine, editor for two literary arts journals, and I'm currently an editor by profession.  I have developed editorial style guides, edited thousands of pages of hard-copy and online text, and I live in an editorial house and drink editorial water.


Sorry -- got carried away there.  But I have mad skeelz and a little bit of free time in the near future.  Consider me interested and available.  Hit me at, yo, and we'll see what's up with that.

-- rafael
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