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Gygax is still alive?

Started by Dav, May 18, 2001, 03:24:00 PM

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Gordon C. Landis

On 2001-05-18 21:08, Paul Czege wrote:
If you worry too much about your approach to heaven, you never have any fun.

This is a good point - though I'd say there's a definite balance here between futile perfectionistic urges and being too willing to put up with less-than-fun (for you) play.

GOrdon C. Landis (under construction)


Logan -
yes, if someone barges in and starts flaming, then yeah, they deserve to have little ants crawl up their nose and eat their brain cells one by one. Brian didn't do that, though. While he can be argumentative, I don't think he's a troll...and if our ideas about gaming can't stand up to harsh criticism, there's possibly something wrong with 'em.

I'm sorry for snapping, though. It's nearly 3am here, and I think I may possibly be tired. We cool?


On 2001-05-18 21:47, Mytholder wrote:
We cool?

Good to go.