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Reading list The Czege Principle
Compiled by Vincent Baker

1/9/2002 Paul Czege: how we played Chalk Outlines
Hey Vincent, everyone The title is how we played Chalk Outlines because I want to allow the possibility that we did a disservice to the game, by playing the whole cycle, from character creation to wrap-up, in one evening, one session, and to caution against taking all that appears in this post as proven fact without some playtesting by people…
In Actual Play
Participants: Paul Czege, Mike Holmes, Ron Edwards, Matt Gwinn, hardcoremoose, lumpley, contracycle.

8/26/2004 John Kim: More on 3D Model
OK, I want to talk more on Mike's 3D model, which I think is quite good. To review the basic formulation he made: CD - Player Challenge goal with Decentralized control (Great Ork Gods - thanks for the example, Sean) CC - Player Challenge goal with Centralized control (D&D) TD - Thematic goal with Decentralized control (Sorcerer) TC -…
In GNS Model Discussion
Participants: John Kim, Alan, clehrich, Marco, Tobias, Jack Aidley, ErrathofKosh, M. J. Young, Ron Edwards, Gordon C. Landis.

10/2/2006 Joshua BishopRoby: Bangs&Illusionism - in which Ron beats down Confusion
This is a spin-off of the story-games thread Explain to me how Bangs are not warmed-over Illusionism.  Ron asked for some Actual Play. Dogs in the Vineyard Jesse's character Sebastian is the sole surviving member of his team (it was a solo game), and we're about to start in on the last town on his route.  I frame the opening…
In Actual Play
Participants: Joshua BishopRoby, Ron Edwards, jlester, greyorm, Valamir, Noon.

11/17/2010 Artanis: [Unspeakable] Abashed or anti Czege principle?
Hello all I've been toiling away at a game based on my group's chaotic play of Call of Cthulhu of years past. After two years of development in French, I feel like I should come here, the place that gave me the impetus and so many of the ideas to design the game, to discuss some fine points. Basic idea…
In Game Development
Participants: Artanis, Ron Edwards, Eero Tuovinen.