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Title: a message from the game
Post by: Paul Czege on June 11, 2004, 02:23:00 PM

Quote from: My Life with Master
There are those who say this is the twilight of roleplaying, that there are more people leaving the hobby than joining it, and that with the way games are selling, the days of the hobby are numbered. But I for one am bullish on the hobby. I've never been more excited to be part of roleplaying than at this very moment in time. I see a powerful groundswell of support for "system does matter," and respect for overt attention to social contract.

And so, finding myself a contender for "Best Electronic Gaming Product" in the Origins Gamers' Choice Awards, up against a battle royale of online magazines and card games and gameplay utilities, I ask you to consider my history of service to coherent play. And I ask for your vote.

(Anyone can vote, it seems. It's a fan awards.)

I'm My Life with Master, and I approved this message.


Title: a message from the game
Post by: Ben Morgan on June 12, 2004, 03:04:30 AM
What's it doing under Electronic Gaming Products?

-- Ben

Title: a message from the game
Post by: Paul Czege on June 12, 2004, 03:41:52 AM
Hey Ben,

I have no idea. Unlike the Origins Awards per se, the ones voted by Academy members, there was no nominations process that I'm aware of for these fan awards. So when Jürgen emailed me that the game was a candidate for this award, it really came as a total surprise.

I briefly toyed with the idea of publicly withdrawing the game's candidacy ("not electronic enough") ala the D&D 3.5 withdrawal from from the main "Best Roleplaying Game" category, but I'm really not that much of a punk ass.

If you're curious, Ken Hite's thoughts on the category can be found in his most recent Out of the Box column.