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Title: [Demon Cops] Session II
Post by: Henri on July 02, 2004, 08:08:41 AM
Last night we had our second session of Demon Cops, and everyone had a good time.  I think my telling of the previous session ( must have been lame, so I'll try to do better this time. Characters are described here (  Although there was must scene changing, I'll just tell the story rather than recounting scene by scene.

So Jackson wakes up and comes into the kitchen, where he finds Cindy making breakfast for him.  He tells her that the eggs were like 6 months old, so she is sad and throws them away, but the bacon was okay, so she gives him the bacon and appologizes for dumping herself on him the day before, without any warning.  She really wants to make it up to him, so she made him breakfast, and re-organized his kitchen and cleaned everything while he was sleeping late.  He's a bit weirded out, since she is awfully domestic for the mafia assasin who killed his partner.  Then, a huge rock flies through the window, crashing into Jackson's collection of shotglasses.  Another rock follows, and Jackson rushes to the window and sees a gargoyle demon right outside his house threatening him.  The demon seems reluctant to try to come into the house, however.  But, Jackson grabs Cindy and runs to the garage and jumps in the car.  When he opens the garage door, there is the gargoyle.  He tries to run it over, but it just dents his car, so he dives out of the car and rolls, comming up firing at the gargoyle.  The gargoyle has Armor and Big, so it's a tank.  It leaps at him knocks him to the ground.  Jackson gets away from the gargoyle, grabs Cindy again and they run out the garage onto the street.  As they are running, Jackson calls Daniel on his cell and tells him to get his ass over there.  Daniel is only a few minutes away (if he drives crazy with his police siren turns on).  Jackson turns around to face the beast and try to hold it off, and manages to do so until Daniel arrives.  Daniel drives up, flings the door open, and Jackson and Cindy jump into the car and they speed off.  However, the Demon has Travel (and Cloak).  It melds into the street and when they get to the next intersection, the demon re-forms back out of the pavement and blocks the intersection.  Daniel tries to avoid it, but the demon jumps up onto the hood of the car.  Daniel pulls a fancy maneuver, breaking hard and spinning the car at 80 mph (racks up some bonus dice) and rolls really well.  He spins the demon off of the car.  It digs its claws into the hood of the car, but the hood rips off and the demon goes careening into the lamp post.  The demon now has 2 lasting and 7 temporary penalties from the crash and being shot earlier, so it can't do crap.  Jackson jumps out of the car and pumps it full of lead and Daniel grabs an old Chinese takeout foodbox from the floor of the car and hits the gargoyle with a snapshot Contain, yelling "Time for Takeout!" (+1 for snappy quip).  The demon is trapped in the box and unable to break the Contain, so they take it back to the station and put it in the jail.

Meanwhile, Eugene and Droo are working on the Katayama case.  Eugene goes the library to do some research and see his girlfriend (a librarian), and also get some books for his demon (it has a Need for books).  Droo, back at the station, sees a young (19 year old) Japanese woman come in and she asks him if Eugene is there.  She asks him to let Eugene know she was looking for him, and tells him her name is Oki Katayama and that her father was murdered.  Droo says, "Hey, I'm working on that case, you can talk to me."  So she tells him about how last night, at like 3:30 am, this scary motorcycle gang came to their house and started making all this noise outside and woke them up.  She and her mom were terrified, but her brother Howard went out and talked to them and chased them away.  Droo is now really interested, because he is hunting for Scurlock, who has recently escaped (Scurlock is a biker dude Possessor Demon).  He tells Eugene all of this when Eugene gets back, and they go talk to Howard.  Only Eugene is actually talking to Howard, but Droo is listening to them using his demon's Perception: Super Hearing abilitiy, which makes him grow tiger ears.  Howard is really arrogant and unhelpful when Eugene asks him about the bikers.  He scoffs at the idea that it is somehow connected with his step-father's murder.  Eugene is really suspicious, and does a lot of research.  He and Droo discover (eventually) that Howard had told his roommate he was going to the library, not long before when the murder happened.  At the library, they have a card-swiping system, and they were able to see that Howard had not swiped his card in a couple of weeks.  So he has no alibi and lied about his whereabouts.  Eugene calls Oki back and asks her some more questions, and now is planning to arrest Howard.  Before he goes, Oki tells him that after last night she is really scared and doesn't want to be alone.  Eugene has a date with his librarian girlfriend, so he can't.  Oki asks about his friend Droo, and Droo is like, "Yeah, cute Asian chick.  I'll 'take care' of her."  Eugene is loathe to leave Oki with Droo, and warns him repeatedly that his is not allowed to fuck her (yeah right).

So, back to Daniel and Jackson.  Jackson has to take his gun Object Demon Justiss to the gun shop for its Need, so Daniel takes Cindy to a coffee shop to get some doughnuts and coffee.  At the gunshop, Jackson meets his friend Garth, this weird, creepy photographer guy who has some shady connections.  Garth is really serious, and wants to talk to Jackson privately.  He shows him polaroid photos taken by Daniel of himself immediately after killing his (Daniel's) fiancee.  (Daniel killed her while possessed, but now he has amnesia and is hunting for the killer.  It's very "Memento.")  Meanwhile, at the coffeeshop, Cindy and Daniel are plotting to try to kill Carlos Ortega, their old enemy and a big player in this drug cartel.  They believe that Ortega is trying to kill Cindy and likely sent the gargoyle demon after her.  

So, we end the session with Eugene and Droo heading off to arrest Howard, and Jackson returning to the coffee shop to meet Daniel, who he now knows is a murderer (even though Daniel doens't!)