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Title: That's Not Pork
Post by: Bailey on January 14, 2002, 02:23:23 PM
Just read the article at the WickedPress website and saw that he picked out my review of L5R as an example of "what's wrong with reviewers."

At first I thought he must have paraphrased.  He must have put words in my mouth.  My MOUTH!

But then I checked out's archives and found the review I had written.  So in response to John's attack on my ability as a reviewer I have to make my impassioned rebuttal.

"I must've been high"  That review was a freakish anomally written when mind altering occupied much more of my time than playing rolegames.  I also had an abysmal gaming group which tended to color reviews of the games I did play at that time.  I didn't even get John's name right in the "author" section of the review.  I still have some issues with L5R, but thety are now completely different and not game breaking.

I'm sorry John.  Please forgive me.

"It's John Wick's world.  I just flee his armies of giant robots in it."

Title: It's okay, Bailey
Post by: John Wick on January 14, 2002, 05:16:24 PM
We all get high and post weird things every once in a while.

Speaking from experience,

Title: nice
Post by: Barna on April 06, 2002, 05:08:30 PM
Someone who humbly admits he was wrong in a open forum. The end of the world must be near. Next thing I`ll hear people saying apologizing is not for sissies and intellectual honesty is right...

thumbs up Bailey

Title: That's Not Pork
Post by: Bailey on April 08, 2002, 06:46:24 PM
Really, go look at the review I wrote.  It was the worst review I've seen and I can't have any excuse for it.  I didn't even get John Wick's name right.  That should say something.  I was a hard core user and only dug Changling, not that the two are related.

Now I use the L5R system for all my fantasy gaming and own a copy of Orkworld.