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Title: DitV comments
Post by: Christopher Weeks on August 29, 2004, 08:50:29 AM
Bought it at GenCon.  It was one of the games I didn't even have to think about.  I knew it would be good, but Holy Cow!  I should even be waiting to post -- I'm only on page 37, but I don't want to forget.  I have a few little comments and a question.

First, the easy stuff -- verbiage.  I don't like the second sentence  on page 33 because of the two appearances of "only."  It's not clear to me if it was a mistake or intent, but I figured I'd spot it just in case.  And then on page 34, I (at first) took "If it's not clear who's opening the conflict, it's the player with the highest best roll" to be Vincent saying "If you're too dumb to have figured this out on your own..." which seemed so weird I reread it a few times to figure out that what it really meant was "When it's not clear..."  Maybe I'm the only one to trip on that, but maybe not.  Anyway, swapping "when" for "if" in the next printing would be my suggestion.  Finally, in the middle of page 36, one player raises with a twelve and the other sees with an eleven.  Is that a typo or am I missing something (terribly fundamental)?

If I have one of those big-ass 2d8 1d4 pistols and I draw it to pistolwhip some ornery cuss, do I just use 1d6 as per the paragraph on Improvised Things?  Or does that only apply if the gun wasn't on my sheet?  If it was, do I get the whole enchilada?


Title: DitV comments
Post by: lumpley on August 29, 2004, 01:56:45 PM
"Only only" - yeah, I saw it.

"When it's not clear" - good call.

"Raise 12 See 11" - typo or just carelessness by me.  Sorry!

Things' dice - yes.  If it's on your character sheet, you get all its dice no matter what you do with it.  If it's not on your character sheet, you care about how suitable it is for what you're doing with it.

Thanks, Chris!


Title: DitV comments
Post by: Joshua A.C. Newman on August 31, 2004, 02:49:37 PM
These have been added to the correction list for 1st ed.

V., want to put up an Errata page? At least one of these things has a rules implication.

Title: DitV comments
Post by: Christopher Weeks on August 31, 2004, 04:17:36 PM
Well, if you're keeping a list, I'll keep 'em coming.

At the very end of page 45 "I add roll the" should have one of the two middle words removed, I think.

And more seriously, I think the final sentence of the first paragraph on page 60 (which begins on the page before) is pretty messed up.  I think the first use of "Zachary" is supposed to be "Parley" but I could be wrong based on misunderstanding "congregation" v. "branch."  But later you say "Brother Zachary will tell him to go visit Brother Zachary; otherwise, Brother Parley has to see to it himself."  I think that bit should be "Brother Parley will tell him (BZ, right?) to go visit Brother Joseph (or whomever is in charge of gettin' right with the King); otherwise, Brother Zachary has to see to it himself."  And if I'm wrong, then something else is wrong with the paragraph, perhaps the setup at the very beginning.

Chris (32 pages to go...)

Title: DitV comments
Post by: Joshua A.C. Newman on August 31, 2004, 07:01:18 PM
Sigh. Couldn't you have posted that before I sent everything to PDF again?

edit: yeah, V., what the hell is that sentence supposed to say? I think the first, small problem is already fixed, but that second one is a semiotic minefield.

Title: DitV comments
Post by: lumpley on September 01, 2004, 05:29:23 AM
I auto-replaced some names at one point and I kind of worried that it'd make hash of something somewhere, but I couldn't spot it.  Guess that's where.

I'll figure out what that paragraph should actually say, or else if I want to just drop it, too much wrangling over a non-point...