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Title: Heresy Lite
Post by: bluegargantua on September 15, 2004, 07:30:16 PM

  OK, so there's murder which is just a Sin and Murder which is Really Bad News.  The former is simply a crime of passion or opportunity or injustice.  The later is senseless, ritualistic, demon-feeding badness.

  So you can have a scenario in which there's murder, but it's not as bad as a Level-5 demon infestation.

  Now, in the rulebook it talks about how many Faithful believe a corpse must be sanctified or it can't rest in peace and go on to the afterlife.  Officially, there is no such doctrine, it's just what people believe.  Because it's at odds with Church teachings, doesn't this make it a sort of minor Heresy?  Lots of people believe in it and, technically, it's not really true, but at the same time, no one is going to summon up demons around it.

  My thinking is that it'd be great to have lots of local "minor heresies" that throw a scare into PCs before they realize it's just local hookum.  Unitl they run into the town where it masks an actual, active, demon-run heresy.

Just a thought