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Title: Relationships used as Traits
Post by: Blankshield on October 12, 2004, 10:44:16 AM
Quote from: lumpley

Discussion of using Relationships like Traits.

I'm just going to lose that battle over and over again, aren't I.

Yoinked from this thread ( over in Actual Play.

I'm curious what the reasoning is behind relationship traits only being allowed (as per the book) if it's what's being fought or fought over.

For myself, I can see both sides.  On the one hand you've got the "Aunt Emma isn't in this conflict, so those dice aren't useful" but then you've got the possibility of narrating in flashbacks that certainly feel like they should bring the relationship dice in: "I recall how it was always at times like this that my Aunt Emma said..."

So I guess this is me wondering if there's a stronger reason for the mechanical differentiation between Relationships and Traits or if it's (basically) an aesthetic preference.