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Title: [DitV] Kings Rock
Post by: Trevis Martin on March 25, 2005, 11:36:07 PM
Okay so we played Dogs earlier tonight.  At first I was gonna run one of the great towns that someone else made up.  It was a busy day and I didn't have as much time as I wanted.  But I decided that I should give the town thing my own try.  Here's what I came up with under a bit of a rush.  I'll post a follow up commentary on how it played.

Kings Rock


Bro Enoch wants to be a Hero and a Prophet in the Faith, not in service to the King of Life but for personal Glory. He believes by finding the true secret docrines of the mountain people he will become what he is destined to be.


In his pursuit of Wisdom, Bro Enoch is neglecting stewardship in his own family, his wife Sis Charity has turned to the comfort of another man, Bro Josiah in the town.  Josiah's wife, Sis Bethany is angry and hurt and drinking, neglecting her children.  His eldest daughter Sis Elizabeth, seeing her mom's behavior has abandoned her engagement to Brother Hosea to pursue the Stewards Son. Bro Hosea, who was courting the eldest daugher is jealous and angry. Bro Enoch's farm is failing and his family won't have enough to eat.  


Demons have been prodding raids by the local mountain people who are angry because one of their wise men was murdered and his flesh eaten.  Demons came to Bro Enoch and told him that if he ate of the flesh of the mountain people, (or any people) he would gain their wisdom.

Consuming the heart of Another will give one their wisdom.


Bro Enoch and his companions B Noah and B Simon and S Althea consider this a gift of wisdom from the King of Life. They consume the hearts in a ritualistic Fashion with prayers of thanks to the King of Life.


Enoch, Noah, Simon and Althea form a Cult.
The demons have the ability to make the cult members invisible to the Mountain People.
The demons posses the members of the cult to commit the murders in which the hearts are stolen.


The cult has begun to kill more wise elder mountain people with the help of the demons and have recently murdered the Branch Steward, Bro James and taken his heart.
His son Bro Joel wants to lead the faithful men that are left against the Mountain People and wipe them out.  The Mountain People are mounting for a massive assault on the Town.


Bro Enoch wants the Dogs to appoint him the new Steward and then Go Away

Bro Joel wants the Dogs to help eradicatee the mountain people  he thinks responsible for his father's death

Bro Hosea wants the Dogs to straighten out Sis Elizabeth and make her marry him.

Sis Bethany wants the Dogs to publicly humilate her husband and the Sis Charity who is taking up his attention.

Sis Charity wants to be seperated from her husband and wed to Bro Josiah.

Bro Jesse, (Bethany's little boy) wants his mommy back

Noah, wants to avoid discovery and wants the dogs to go away.

Simon wants to kill the dogs and eat their hearts.

Althea wants Brother Enoch to become the Steward and herself to become his wife.

The Mountain People want justice for their dead loved ones.


The Demons want the Town to  wipe out the Mountain People.  They want the Dog to appoint Bro Enoch as the Steward so the cult can spread.

If the dogs didn't come the town would eventually all fall to the cult.  Those that didn't would be killed.  The mountain people might try to wipe out the cult but would be unsuccessful.


When I made the town I just had this image relating to that old saw that eating part of someone let you absorb his power.  It turned out to be quite a mouthful for a first town though.  More details to follow.