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Title: [DitV]Fort Lemon Rides again!
Post by: GB Steve on June 13, 2005, 02:50:38 PM
We played a first session of Fort Lemon ( tonight. We had the same players as the rather simpler Buffalo Run  ( my wife who recuperating (from being ill, not from our last game) and a newbie.

I chose this scenario because of the complications and the massive odds stacked against the Dogs. I wanted to see how they faced up to a real threat of dying.

The dogs arrived at the Fort and when they asked to see the Steward were shown by soldiers to Sister Sharon. Straight away the Dogs saw what the issue was, but Sharon deferred to the actual Steward whom they went to see next. He was drunk in his tent, bemoaning his luck and saying he was useless.

The dogs relieved him of his stewardship but not without a fight during which he shot off his own foot. One dog used ceremony to save the steward and almost died as a result. This brought a crowd with Sister Sharon to see what was going on and another dog tried to call her out as evil. He failed as she led the congregation in thanks for saving the steward's life.

Some of the dogs joined in the singing and used a contest to persuade the dissenting dog to sing along with them, even though he said Sharon was evil.

This conflict really got all the players going and they slunk off to discuss what to do. The game was fairly buzzing with the conflicts so far but the dogs then had a massive discussion about what to do next. They backed down from conflict several times when they realised that they didn't want to face losing what was at stake but they're having a real hard time deciding what to do next. One of the Dogs is a real zealot, he has a skill of "see sin" and does everywhere, the trouble is Sister Sharon has a large congregation and he can't face them down when they're together.

There was some interaction with the Lutz's over their cannabalism. They persuaded Hannah that the baby was not evil but had then to defend her against her husband.

What I also love is that as the Dogs arrive at a situation I don't hide anything, I keep piling it up on them and as sin upon sin is shown to them they can barely decide what to do next. The tension is really high and someone is likely to go for broke at any moment.

It's going to be a real test of the Dog's mettle and what the players are willing to risk, and that is just so wonderful!

Title: [DitV]Fort Lemon Rides again!
Post by: Jason Morningstar on June 14, 2005, 03:48:59 AM
Cool!  This town is getting a lot of mileage and it is always interesting to me to see which direction things go.  Where's your supernatural dial set?

Title: [DitV]Fort Lemon Rides again!
Post by: GB Steve on June 14, 2005, 06:48:09 AM
The supernatural dial was set at full on last time because the players chose "exorcism" and "see sin" as traits. They killed a woman and then had to exorcise her dead body. We've got the same PCs so the same rules apply.

This time they haven't come across the supernatural directly yet, it's holding back but no doubt they'll have a run in at the next session (which is going to be post-Origins because of holidays, and me going to Origins).

On of the players is playing a rather dimwitted Dog whose best trait is "Well, I don't know nothing 'bout that". It seem to have a myriad of applications.