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Title: [DitV] Tannin Ridge - Transcript + asking for comments
Post by: Brandon Parigo on August 02, 2005, 07:17:49 AM

This link is to a transcript of the beginning of a game of Dogs.    I would love for some comments about it... what we did wrong, what we could of done better, what was good, that sort of thing.  Rules wise anyway. 

I know the dialogue is slightly over the top but when we started I wanted the town to open up like a western melodrama.



Title: Re: [DitV] Tannin Ridge - Transcript + asking for comments
Post by: Solamasa on August 03, 2005, 07:02:56 PM
Well, I'd say you're a lot better positioned to be answering those questions, as I have to say, the transcript doesn't really provide a lot of context on the game.  The shortness of the session also doesn't give much to go by.  Technically it looks just lovely, but, well, why is it you're asking?  Do you feel there were problems?

A few hopefully relevant questions:

How did the session go for you and for Seth's player?  The transcript looks as smooth as glass, but was it like that in play?  Were there slow bits or bumpy bits?  Places where you were left scratching your heads?  Being an online game, how long was the session that produced this transcript, and did you feel the rules were 'working' for you for online play?  Do you do a lot of online gaming?

And do you have the writeup for the town of Tannin Ridge itself?  I see you have Seth up on your web site, along with the initiatory conflict; were these done in the same session as the transcript?  And are some of those interesting relationships Seth has going to come into play in this town?


Title: Re: [DitV] Tannin Ridge - Transcript + asking for comments
Post by: Brandon Parigo on August 04, 2005, 07:10:52 AM
I don't rightly know exactly why I was asking, it just seemed that something might be off rules wise.  I'm glad that doesn't seem to be the case.

I don't do much online gaming.  Seths player and I do email gaming slowly between downtime at work.  The little that is on the website was the work of two days where we both had nothing to do at our jobs (well not as much to do).  The transcript is exactly as it went in play minus some rules questions by Seths player, and edited to make it read a bit better.  I felt during those two days that Dogs was probably the best game for email gaming that I had tried to do before. 

As for the Tannin Ridge write up, I have it but I have not typed it up yet.  Seth was created, initiated, and started on Tannin Ridge right in a row without waiting.  With his relationships I hope they come into play.  He has made no effort to bring them about, and neither have I.  I think we are still abit shaky on when to bring them about.

The only part of the game that is really taking some getting used to is "say yes or roll the dice"... but I'm breaking it in.