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Title: MLWM as a Matrix Game (split)
Post by: MatrixGamer on September 01, 2005, 01:48:02 PM

I just happened upon this thread.

I will take the feedback to heart and write a better intro article for the site.

As to Matrix Games not being RPGs. The comment about them being very different from RPGs in 1988 is true. When I would say things like "The players control the game by their arguments" Gamers in general would look at me with funny disbelieving looks on their faces. The idea of the game master not controlling the game was way out on the radical fringe When Mr Regan was president. Now not so much.

I bill them as RPGs at Gen Con but I personally still believe they are a different type of game. MG rules look like miniatures rule when miniatures are used, board games when a map and counters are used and RPG when an RPG like story is used. It's a slippery little sucker.

BTW John has gone on to run a more structured play be email MG and it is proving very fun.

Sincerely Chris Engle
Hamster Press

Title: Re: MLWM as a Matrix Game (split)
Post by: Paul Czege on September 03, 2005, 06:27:42 PM
Hey Chris,

I'm a bit more tolerant of posting to old threads here in the Half Meme Press forum than Ron is out in the Forge at large, but this one is just too old.

So, this thread is split from MLWM as a Matrix Game ( from November of 2004. And the discussion continues here.

So Chris, you've read My Life with Master. How does its "structure" compare to what you have for Matrix game structures in your books?