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Title: [Pulp Era] The meaning of Legend
Post by: Dregg on February 05, 2006, 07:03:04 PM
I have been thinking about the role Legend in general in my game. Right now the current system is being scrapped and i am starting from scratch on something a bit more specific to what I want out of the experience and how I see conflict as an ideal in the pulp genre.... enough of that for now.

As I have it in the current rules, Legend gives a bonus to rolls where the characters legend comes into play. legend defines some aspect of the character, but in the end it just makes things easier to do. In my opinion this is broken on many levels.
I want to see legend as a total definer to what the character is, something that puts into play the heroes heroic deeds through the years and sets a goal for further actions.
Take Doc Savage for example, Doc is one of the smartest, fastest, and most perfect example of a human being. Does Doc's legend make him this way? No. If Doc Savage did not have his legend behind him would he be weaker and less effective? Not really.
I have been impressed with Ron Edwards' Lore in Sorcerer and I think that it defines this aspect very well.

So the now the mind crunching begins how I want to handle Legend. On the current thought menu is
Legend must be...
1. Something metaphysical, does not make the character better mechanics wise (Dice rolls/tasks/Gimmicks)
2. A definer of what the character moral values are
3. How other perceive the character, and how it affects his actions
4. produce a negative effect (legend can be a double edged sword)
5. Something that helps promote conflict in personal relationships, political power, and use of said power

I am more or less thinking out loud, but would love to hear what others have to say on this concept.