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Title: LotFP: RPG... the next attempt.
Post by: JimLotFP on May 31, 2006, 12:22:30 PM
So last time I was around these parts, some of my ideas got thumped fairly hard, I resisted, but I never got much further...

So here's the next attempt. The work I've done so far focuses more on the atmosphere and feel of what I'd want play to feel like rather than just mechanics for a universal system.

12 pages, most of it dedicated to adventure construction (which I think would demonstrate how I envision play) ,with some rules stuff at the back.

Now the things that would make this different that I'm looking for specific feedback on would be item #8 on page 5 and the character advancement (and the pipe dream that is the "getting hardcore" section).

I'm also wondering how... wrong it would be, in explaining ideal scenario creation, to use real stories by authors listed and break them down as to what the plot points, etc would be. Not turn them into scenarios at all, just describe how they could be turned into scenarios. For example, the story Call of Cthulhu, the narrator's story of investigation would be no good, there is really no conflict or danger or directly encountering the weird, same with Angell and Wilcox's dreams and therapy... just traveling around. LeGrasse's story would be considered a valid adventure because there is direct contact with weird things and an arc of discovery. The journey of the Emma and the Alert of course would be considered prime adventuring material featuring piracy, mysterious islands, and most of the party dying. :p  But that sort of thing, really examining the core literature (and I just used the Lovecraft example because if there were going to be problems, this one would set off all the alarms) and how it relates to what I'm trying to do.