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Title: [Grey Ranks] Situation Generators
Post by: Jason Morningstar on June 30, 2006, 12:14:44 PM
Grey Ranks will include some AG&G-style situation generators, and I've put my first pass up ( for folks to look at and comment on. 

The idea is that at the beginning of each scene (there are nine, across three acts), each player chooses a situation element (people, places, things, or events) and an orientation - youth or maturity. Roll a d6 and write them all down - instant situation, borrowed directly from AG&G. This is where the documentary-style detail I feel is important in respecting the ground truth will come from - you don't need to know dick about the Warsaw Rising of '44 to get deep into the situation through color the lists provide. This helps my conscience, because I am absolutely compelled to honor the reality I am offering up as entertainment.

The missions are more fully baked and consistent than the vignettes right now - creating solid situation out of romantic possibility is harder than you might think. Anyway, if you are interested take a look and give me some feedback.