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Title: Dropping In & Out
Post by: Nathan P. on August 24, 2006, 07:15:02 AM
Heya Meg,

Just played 1001 Nights last night with DevP and Jonathon Walton, as the first installment in the Storygamers Boston thang that we're trying to get started. It was fun! But anyway, we were thinking that it would be a cool game to keep going, with players dropping in and out each week depending on attendance.

My thought was basically, each week, people would just ignore Envys of characters who weren't present, and maybe each time a new character is introduced everyone adds an Envy right there and then. Obviously, the GM would only frame scenes for the characters present.

Do you see any problems happening with this arrangement, or do you have any suggestions for other tweaks?

Title: Re: Dropping In & Out
Post by: Meguey on August 24, 2006, 07:40:44 AM
Hey Nathan-
That's *exactly* how it's supposed to work. This way, you can have a steady on-going game scheduled, and if someone can't make it, you can still play. I'd suggest that the absent Courtier still can be refered to, frex, "Who knows what's got the Cook so busy today; there's nothing happening." The  whole game handles that sort of gossip well. I'd avoid talking about them much in Stories, though. You might also want a Who's in Court sheet, so as there are named Courtiers you can refer to them by name.