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Title: Another Dogs In Iraq try
Post by: Call Me Curly on September 29, 2006, 08:21:32 PM
The team of Dogs find themselves teleported-- coats, sixguns, olde-tyme religion, and all-- to present day Iraq.

They meet US troops who speak english and hail from the Dogs' side of the world... including troops who claim to be of the
Faith (but who detest The Sacred Order of Celestial Marriage and other bedrock concepts of the Faith... and who come from a Dead Desert Sea; having never even heard of Bridal Falls.)

And the Dogs meet Iraqis... only some of-whom speak english.  But they are god-fearing people with modest women and a hard-working agricultural lifestyle-- who reside in Holy Lands described in the Book of the King.

Everywhere they go, the Dogs at-first see this new world in the same old terms: Iraqi villages, insurgent enclaves, US bases-- are all just Towns with the usual progression of Sin and Demons.

As the Dogs adapt to their new surroundings and take fallout, they can now assign dice to ideas in the progression of sin which they're embracing with additional fervor (such as a newfound disdain for Injustice) or to parts which are increasingly problematic for that Dog.

And fallout is also the mechanism by-which Dogs are compelled to re-write the progression of sin bit-by-bit, to reflect changes in their personal beliefs-- in reaction to the new reality they now face.

Eventually, the Dogs will be cleansing Iraq according to their own individual manifestoes.