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Title: 1001 converts
Post by: GB Steve on November 30, 2006, 09:44:13 AM
We had a couple of long-time gamer friends round on Tuesday and introduced them to 1001 Nights. They are familiar with other story games and have both played Once Upon A Time and Baron Munchausen. The game was enthusiastically approached and whilst there was some muddle about the rules, they are now keen to get their own copy.

The two stories we had time for were "How the leper was cured" and "The fate of the Sultan's menagerie during the famine".

The muddle was that initially some of the players thought that the gems that they put down were for resolving the issue in question rather than as a possible reward for giving the story direction. I did explain this several times but they were so enthusiatically playing the game that they soon forgot and had to be often reminded. I think next time I would take greater pains to explain this at the start. Not that this distracted from our enjoyment but I think the game may have flowed better.

All in all, a good night.
Title: Re: 1001 converts
Post by: Meguey on February 16, 2007, 11:35:52 PM
Cool, I'm glad it worked out.Were there any catches in the explaining that seemed to cause particular difficulty?
Title: Re: 1001 converts
Post by: GB Steve on February 17, 2007, 07:27:03 AM
Well, it was a while a go, but it seemed to be about what the gems were for. Instead of putting them down for story development, the players put them down when it came to some point of resolution.

So instead of saying, "I wonder if the curse of leprosy is passed on to someone else", they'd say "I bet I can jump this stream" put a gem down and look at the GM for resolution. It made resolution a bit hectic and didn't really help drive the game forward.

But it's not like we didn't have fun!