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Title: Hey! You got Dogs in my television show!
Post by: Anna Kreider on March 14, 2007, 06:04:55 PM
A brief thought, inspired by tonight's episode of Jericho. (Fair warning, if anyone follows Jericho, spoilers follow)

So there's a character, Robert Hawkins, who was working for a secret shadow organization when he dropped everything to get his estranged family out of D.C. shortly before the shadow organization he worked for destroyed it (along with a bunch of other cities). Since then, there's been an ongoing tension between his loyalty to the organization and his devotion to his family.

It came to a head tonight when another member of the organization showed up demanding to know which side he was going to choose. It started out low key, with a lot of verbal fencing and neither person really got anywhere. When all of a sudden, Hawkin's wife walks in the door and the organization member points her gun at little his son's head (who they had been talking around/over). And she says, and I'm putting this in caps because it's too awesome not to be:


And I thought "Whoa! Talk about cutting your losses! She must have had some sick dice to use for that follow-up conflict! I sure hope Hawkins has a seventeen lying around or there's going to be some serious fallout."

...and then I realized that it was a television show and not a game of Dogs and that no dice were involved. Heh.