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Title: [Afraid] Collecting Monsters?
Post by: Valvorik on March 20, 2007, 08:42:50 AM

Vincent said in the end-notes on Afraid that he hoped to see monsters created and posted like towns in DitV. 

I think some sample monsters would be great, helping getting the hang of access/victimization series etc.  As I believe others have said, stats and traits etc. are the easier part of the monster.  Working out the access (how it's ongoing) and victimization for the monster is trickier.  Fitting into that how it gets slaves and acolytes also a skill.

A strength of the system is the push towards novel monsters, but testing it on classics, the Dracula example from end-notes ~ how does this look?


[skipping the process of making vampire and moving to stats and access/victimization]

Acuity 5 Body 4 Heart 5 Will 4
Traits - Bat Form 2d4+1d4, Turn to Mist 1d8+1d4, Hypnotic Gaze 2d10+1d4, I snear at any weapon but a stake of wood 2d6+1d4 (invoked in Answers to attacks with other weapons)
Bonds - I sleep in coffin with earth of my homeland 3d8, I don't enter an abode uninvited 1d4, I hesitate before a holy symbol wielded by a believer or a mirror 2d6, I don't suffer harm (from anyone else) to come to my chosen Victim (name x) 1d10 (increase/repeat as victimization grows/victims added).

First Access - be in general (a few miles) proximity of victim, the victim having come to their specific attention.
Type - nightmarish events in environment (roses wilt, dogs howl, ships crewed only by the dead appear off the coast etc.), a trained investigator might recognize these as signs of supernatural passage but hard to spot as vampire in particular.
Ongoing - simply remain in area
Undone - drive vampire from the region or destroy it or recolate the victim (though in 1st and last case, the vampire is likely to return or to search out the victim eventually)

Second Access - direct contact with the victim and feeding from them.
Type - nightmarish physical symptoms (bit wounds)
Ongoing - return to bite again at least once every moon (usually does so more often in order to have a cushion against the undone basis)
Undone - prevent the vampire from biting for at least one moon (month)

Third Acess - speaking to the victim, spending time with them (around a feeding or otherwise), planting dark thoughts etc. ~ this can be done by a slave or acolyte as well, what makes it harder to accomplish is that it requires more uninterrupted time with the victim.
Type - nightmarish behaviours and moods as the victim becomes moody, melancholy, wanton, blasphemous by turns.
Ongoing - return to keep spending time with the victim, at least twice a moon.
Undone - prevent this social interaction for a full moon.

- At this point, for an additional conflict, the Vampire can convert the Victim into a Slave, promising them its continued attentions, that it will not kill them, that it might make them an Acolyte, and threatening death for the Victim and all they love as the penalty of failure.  It's a trait of the Monster's Victimization in this case that to their own horror and not aways consciously, the Victim is often their Slave.

Fourth Access - inducing the victim to drink of its blood (this is a vampire-type which creates others only through this process, not the 'every victim rises' type).
Type - nightmarish experiences, the deed itself, the hallucinations of shared memory and dreams of preying on the living that follow this experience.
Ongoing - the access deed need not be repeated, but the hallucinations etc. must continue for access to continue.
Undone -  can be blocked by suitable ritual etc. activity in conjuction with blocking 3rd and 2nd access (essentially, the 2nd and 3rd levels are interchangeable once reached for being ondone, stop the biting but not social access, that's minus -1d10).  The ritual can be a follow-up conflict to the blocking of the other type of access.

A more physically rather than pscyhologically seductive vampire might swich 2nd and 3rd.

Final Victimization - drains the victim dry and kills them.  An additional conflict earns the vampire the Victim risen as an Acolyte, as the Victim makes the moral compromise at the point of death itself (the conflict to get compromise is actually done before the conflict to kill, the 2nd only taking place if the first fails - the Vampire doesn't get the "level up" effect of full victimization + an Acolyte).

Though the vampire Monster may kill others, its Victims are always those with qualities that it desires and who it hopes will become Acolytes.