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Title: Angels in the Vineyard? (setting request)
Post by: cglasgow on April 02, 2007, 03:41:47 PM
Hi, I'm Chuck, and I'm a newbie.   (To this forum, and to DitV, if not to RPGs in general.)  *g*

I've seen the Dogs as Angels ( thread in search, but what I was wondering is, has anyone ever actually done conversion notes for using the DitV mechanics to run the In Nomine setting?
Title: Re: Angels in the Vineyard? (setting request)
Post by: cglasgow on April 02, 2007, 05:31:30 PM
I did have one setting conversion thought of my own -- how to handle Superior Invocations.

Either change the areas of conflict, or add a new one.   So, forex, you'd have Verbal - Physical - Combat - Invoking Your Superior.   Popping the last would allow you to Escalate using whatever dice you had left re: Relationship with your Archangel or Demon Prince... as well as escalate the Fallout into d12 or higher.(*)  Thus guaranteeing that whatever consequences there are, they'll be *significant*.

Of course, if you try to invoke your superior and lose, a prime place to put Fallout is 'My relationship with my Superior is now worse'.   Thus reducing the usefulness of future attempted Invocations until you get back in good graces with your boss.

There'd also be a rule on how often you could attempt something like this.   Once per session, or per adventure, would be about right.   

Of course, if the opposition escalates to Superior Invocation, your own dice relevant in that field just went on the table too... even if the mechanical effect totally doesn't involve your Archangel actually appearing.   Such as 'Prince Asmodeus, knowing that showing up to smite a highly favored servitor of Michael, Archangel of War (read: you had a lot of relationship dice w/ Michael, or rolled really well) decided to spare himself the painful experience and simply told his harried Servitor "You're on your own."

Or something like that.   Having never actually /played/ DitV, I'm operating on theory here.

(*) If an Archangel or a Demon Prince is showing up in In Nomine, it is *absolutely certain* that someone or something ain't never gonna walk quite the same way again.   Or at all.
Title: Re: Angels in the Vineyard? (setting request)
Post by: lumpley on April 03, 2007, 09:02:36 AM
I don't know In Nomine, but if anybody else here does, feel free.

Title: Re: Angels in the Vineyard? (setting request)
Post by: phargle on April 03, 2007, 12:30:38 PM
Converting In Nomine to use the Dogs game system was one of my first thoughts;  In Nomine, with angels following codes of Heaven and troubleshooting problems on its behalf, is a natural fit for the sensibilities of Dogs.  A few problems do emerge, however:

o Falling/Redeeming
o Death isn't really permanent
o Divine/Infernal interventions
o Dissonance, working off dissonance
o Invoking one's superior

In keeping with the feeling of Dogs, it might be worth just getting rid of superior invocation entirely, and using the escalation chart thusly:


This would move death, a relatively minor setback in In Nomine down the chart (probably to long-term fallout) and treat celestial death as the big whammy at the end - and it would need to be rigged so that only celestial fallout could cause it to happen.  This means you'd have to treat your vessel as a belonging, which works nicely.

Interventions would probably have to go as well, since Dogs doesn't have and doesn't need any kind of critical failure/success mechanic.

This leaves falling and redeeming, which I am not sure how to handle. . . but In Nomine is rigged so you can only fall or redeem if you want to, so you could just have a relationship with Hell or Heaven on your character sheet, and evolve it as you see fit.
Title: Re: Angels in the Vineyard? (setting request)
Post by: Web_Weaver on April 06, 2007, 06:17:48 AM

Just a quick thought. The celestial = Gunplay idea could be cool if you focus on the Dissonance side of things. Are you prepared to escalate this conflict to the point where other celestials will begin to notice, or are you prepared to play the celestial card openly when it could mean revealing your true nature to other informed parties.