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Title: [Elfs] Gothic Elfs
Post by: redalastor on April 03, 2007, 07:40:27 PM
I'm about to GM my first game of Elfs. I thought about what kind of scenario I'd want to play and the thought "something gothic" went through my mind. Something very gothic and very silly seems like tons of fun to me.

Imagine the ambiance: You are at the entrance of the catacombs. Down there, you hear bats flying. A rotten wooden sign proclaims "Abandon all hopes, ye who enters here." Under the text, someone painted a dick.

The catacombs are full of undead denizens, lots of which are emos. Others are various factions that look out of an high school (jocks, punks, stoners, etc.) but undead. Plenty of potentials for conflicts there.

Any advices for a first game? Any silly ideas the setting gives you?

Oh and there's something else, it will be a drinking RPG night. Every time a player fails a roll, he or she has to take a sip. What would be a reasonable rule of thumb for the GM to drink? I can't take a sip every time they succeed, there is 5 of them.

Title: Re: [Elfs] Gothic Elfs
Post by: jburneko on April 04, 2007, 10:06:54 AM
The only Elfs game I have ever played was a fairly "straight" Elfs port of the old Ravenloft module.  I played it twice.  Once with my regular group, once at a con.  In the con game Strahd got taken out by spiked knee pad to the balls.

Probably my favorite sub-situation is down in the Larders of Ill Omen.  In the original scenario there's a cook who works for Strahd and he's assisted by three zombies.  And in the next room for no particularly good reason is this ridiculously over-powered shadow demon thing.

So, in my Elfified version the zombies are named Tom, Dick and Harry and are completely useless in the kitchen.  The chef's primary job is to keep feeding the Shadow Demon in the next room so that it doesn't get angry and go rampaging about the castle.  The Shadow Demon is a gourmand with an increasingly jaded pallete.  Fortunately for the chef, the Shadow Demon has never had Elf before....

Don't know if this useful or not but it might get your mind going.