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Title: [Afraid] Cthulhu Live conversion - feedback appreciated
Post by: devonapple on January 12, 2008, 06:40:14 PM
I am converting a Cthulhu Live plot into the Afraid system, and I wanted any feedback:

I'm having trouble assigning traits and bonds.  Here's what I have so far:

Captain Jeb Tomes was merchant captain, incongruously bookish and mannerful, who a enjoyed reading and esoteric lore.

During a layover in Calcutta, while his ship was under repair, Tomes was lured by the promise of forbidden esoterica by a priest of Yog Sothoth, and he eventually became an acolyte. He returned to his ship with a crumbling tome, and a jar of alien spores from the Fungus that was Yog Sothoth’s vanguard.

Tomes attempted to convert his crew, but was rebuffed.

He, in a blood ritual designed to magically convert his crew, put three of the crewmates’ hearts into the ship’s supply of sauerkraut.

But Tomes was caught, and sealed alive in a coffin by his crew.  Before dying, he cursed the crew: "When Yuggoth turns its face from the sun, shall I rise! Your kin shall be slain, yet shall they rise to do my master's work! The fruit of your seed shall be the gate, and when the moon is at fullness the key will turn and my master shall walk the earth! Heed these words, for you hear the sound of your destruction! This is the legacy and lament of Jeb Tomes!"

This transformed him into an avatar of vengeance for the spurned Yog Sothoth; when the stars are right, he will murder the descendants of his traitorous crew, become a vanguard for Yog Sothoth, and work that entity’s will on this plane.

Stats: Acuity 6d6, Body 4d6, Heart 2d6, Will 2d6

Traits: People value my soft-spoken style of command 1d6, I am a large man 1d6, Scholar 1d8, Driven by vengeance 2d4, Unkillable undead 2d10

Conscience: I cannot pass up esoterica 1d4
Nightmare: Restless Ghost bent on vengeance 1d6, Envoy of Yog Sothoth 1d8, Driven to deliver fungal death to the relatives of my mutinous crew 1d10
Tradition: I always have a book 1d8
Unassigned: 1d8, 2d6

2d10: Professor Arnold Wilmslow - Marine historian and friend of the investigators
3d10: Bob Masters - Owner of the Shore's Reach Inn, Great Grandson of Peter Masters, Ship's carpenter and sounder
1d10: Unnamed Descendent
4d10: Jacob Ridges - Grandson of Barret Ridges, ship's doctor