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Title: Seven Roach Questions
Post by: Jason Morningstar on April 24, 2008, 09:15:31 AM
We got a bunch of really good questions today and thought I'd share them (and the answers) anonymously:

1)Joe plays "Plead" on NPC #1 and Jack plays "Boot-lick" - can it be on the same NPC, NPC #1?


2) If so, does it override Plead?


3) If Jack played "Boot-lick" and then Joe plays "Plead", can it be on the same NPC?


4) If so, does it override "Boot-lick"?

Yes!  The bottom line here is that cards played more recently take precedence.  So you can tactically hose another player's card contribution if that seems like a fun idea. 

Since one can swallow the Roach at any time, what happens if it is done in the middle of an event?

5) If one has not yet done the "opportunity", is one only bound to do the "command" in one of the remaining scenes, or is one still required to do the "opportunity" as well as the "command"?

Again, obey causality.  If your opportunity is really miserable, swallow the Roach and get out of it. 

6) If one *has* done the "opportunity", and then swallows the Roach, does the "command" still take effect (i.e., one gets the benefits, or has to do the command, even if the "opportunity" has been completed) or is the card "used up"?

I think the way the rules read, each card gets used once per Event, but by all means do what the Roach commands as color - without mechanical weight in this case.  At my table I'd definitely allow the Command to have full effect, because I really want to encourage people to voluntarily take on the Roach.  This bears revision, I think.

7) At the time one draws a card, does one reveal anything of one's drawn card except the Sumerian speech (if a command) or cards that affect every scene in an event?  Are cards always public or sometimes secret?

That's up to you and your friends - I've played both ways and it makes no mechanical difference.  In practice what usually happens is a mix - Joe gets a card that will be fun to spring on people as a surprise, Jack gets a card that demands an immediate revelation, and Sue gets one that she'll play later, but wants everyone to know about. 

Title: Re: Seven Roach Questions
Post by: Particle_Man on April 25, 2008, 01:39:03 PM
Thanks for answering my questions.

Title: Re: Seven Roach Questions
Post by: Jason Morningstar on April 28, 2008, 07:54:19 AM
Glad to help.  Let us know how it goes.