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Title: [Dogs] Healing
Post by: Simon C on October 18, 2009, 10:32:42 PM
This is a much more simple rules question than my previous threads.

Sr. Abilene and Br. Caleb (Dogs) have chased down Br. Joshua (a sorcerer), and they've got into a gunfight with him.  At the end of the fight, Joshua's full of bullets, but Abilene and Caleb have taken hits too.  Br. Cyrus (another Dog) runs over to help, and the local barman, Davis, runs in to help too.

Abilene and Caleb have both rolled 16+ on their fallout dice.

What happens next, exactly? Who rolls what, and how does it play out? What are raises and sees? Who takes fallout?

Title: Re: [Dogs] Healing
Post by: lumpley on October 19, 2009, 07:33:52 AM
Need more info. Who's Brother Cyrus trying to help? Who's Davis trying to help?


Title: Re: [Dogs] Healing
Post by: Simon C on October 20, 2009, 10:46:22 AM
Sorry, Cyrus and Davis are trying to help the Dogs.

Title: Re: [Dogs] Healing
Post by: lumpley on October 20, 2009, 08:57:05 PM
So Cyrus is helping Abilene and Davis is helping Caleb, let's say.

Cyrus rushes over to help Abilene. His player rolls Cyrus' Acuity and Abilene's Body. The GM rolls all of the fallout dice Abilene's player rolled, plus 5d10 (for the demonic influence; it might not be 5d10).

GM, raising: She's bleeding bad. She's been shot through the ribs.
C's player, blocking: I apply pressure...
C's player, raising: stop the bleeding.
GM, taking the blow: Yeah, applying pressure, sure thing. (GM takes d6 fallout.)
GM, raising: But she starts shuddering violently and she's not breathing.
C's player, taking the blow: Crap. (C's player takes d4 fallout for this.)
C's player, raising, escalating to just talking: I make the sign of the tree. "Abilene, you still have work to do."
GM, dodging: No good, it makes no difference.
GM, raising: She suddenly gasps out a sharp breath and lies still. She's dead.
C's player, taking the blow: Oh, girl. (C's player takes more d4 fallout.)
C's player, raising: I mark her forehead with sacred earth and call her by her full name. "Rise, Abilene. The King of Life is not ready to receive you."
GM, unable to see: I have to give. Abilene, you start breathing again. You feel like you've been trampled by a horse but you'll live.

(The GM can't escalate during a healing conflict, same as during an initiation.)

And then Davis is the easy case. As GM, you never roll dice against yourself. Since Davis is an NPC you'd be rolling for the injury and rolling for the healer both, so skip it. Choose one: (1) Davis successfully helps Caleb, no roll required; (2) Davis stabilizes Caleb so that Caleb doesn't die while Cyrus is helping Abilene, but Cyrus has to come help Caleb as soon as he's done with her.

Make sense? Did I miss anything?


Title: Re: [Dogs] Healing
Post by: Simon C on October 21, 2009, 12:17:59 AM
Thanks Vincent, that's perfect.

All clear and understood.  We were doing it totally wrong, and this way is way better.