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Title: [DitV] Help with my second town!
Post by: RARodger on October 25, 2009, 03:45:15 PM
One of my weakness as a GM, in general, is coming up with wants for my NPCs. Well, Iím putting together my second town for Dogs in the Vineyard, and Iím having real problems deciding what everyone wants, because itís mostly the status quo. So, something is wrong, but I donít know where. I think I like my characters too much. So, can anyone help me out?

Town: Shepherdís Grove
Pride: Steward Johnsonís two wives, Constance and Sharon, are in love.
Injustice: Constance and Sharon neglect their duties to their family; they want to bring hardworking Prudence into the family as a third wife to tend their duties and stand between her and her suitor, Amos.
Sin: Constance and Sharon engage in homosexual love, and spread lies about Amos (specifically to Steward Johnson) to interfere with his suit.
Demonic Attacks: Demons blight the crops, whither the fruit even as it grows and makes the livestock infertile. Except for Steward Johnsonís crops and livestock.
False Doctrine: Constance believes that itís right for two women married to the same man to love each other romantically. (And has convinced Sharon.)
Corrupt Worship: Sharon and Constance take secret wedding vows.
False Priesthood: Constance convinces Steward Johnson of their Doctrine. The three convince another family with multiple wives (Gabriel, Faith and Cadance).
Sorcery: Believing they are righteous, the cult prays for the relief of the town, and the prosperity of the two households.
Hate & Murder: Sharon and Constance seek to recruit Prudence into their family. She refuses and the argument escalates. Sharon and Constance drown Prudence in a pond near Amosís land.

   Constance wants the Dogs to blame Amos for Prudenceís death.
   Amos wants the Dogs to find out who killed Prudence.
   Sharon wants the Dogs to
   Steward Johnson wants the Dogs to
   Gabriel, Faith and Candace want the Dogs to

So, Constance and Amos are easy, but Iím not sure about the others. I thought Steward Johnson would want the Dogs to confirm that he merited a third wife, but now that Prudence is dead he has no one in mind (as per page 105). And as for everyone else, Iíve no idea.

Title: Re: [DitV] Help with my second town!
Post by: Shawn I. on October 26, 2009, 09:19:21 AM
False Priesthood: Constance convinces Steward Johnson of their Doctrine.

How?  I'm curious, this feels like it had no groundwork, and as a player I'd be really surprised by this.  Answering the question might give you some help.  For example, maybe the demons made the Steward impotent, and agreeing to this makes his "failure" to be OK.  Then he would be asking the Dogs to help him with his impotence.  In my group, this would have a tendency to be played for laughs - there would be jokes about "precious bodily fluids".  If that's not what you want, maybe something darker... Johnson has his own pride.  He wants to have Prudence, either as husband or not.  His desire makes him neglect his wives, who then, in reaction to this injustice, begin to sin with each other.  Working from that base changes a lot of the higher sin structure, though.

Other thoughts:
- Sharon wants the Dogs to affirm that she's right to love her sister-wife the way she does.  (If Constance was the one who instigated killing Prudence, and Sharon is only acting out of love of Constance, this is even more poignant and painful.)
- Steward Johnson wants the Dogs to uphold his authority.
- Amos wants the Dogs to kill Steward Johnson for killing Prudence - lacking that, to let him do it.
- Prudence's father wants the Dogs to kill Amos for killing Prudence
- Prudence's mother wants the Dogs to keep the community together and peaceful
- Gabriel thinks that if multiple wives can love each other, perhaps he could love another husband.  He would like the Dogs to join himself, Faith, Candace, and Amos into a single polyamorous marriage.
- Faith isn't comfortable with the new arrangement, and wants the Dogs to annul her marriage to Gabriel and Candace
- Candance wants the Dogs to bless her unborn child.