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Title: [Annalise] At The Crossroads of Sanctuary & Salvation
Post by: Nathan P. on February 12, 2010, 03:47:37 PM
I am pleased to announce that the fourth Guided Play Scenario for Annalise ( is now available!

Guided Play Scenarios are short, free supplements for Annalise that give the group an established setting, situation and cast of characters with which to play the game. They are intended mostly for one-shot, introductory or convention play, but are also suitable for a longer-term game, depending the groups level of investment in the material.

At The Crossroads of Sanctuary and Salvation takes place in 1947 the town of Sanctuary, the picture-perfect model for small town living in the American South. The Mayor will tell you they call it Sanctuary because folks know how to keep their problems behind closed doors. All of that changed one humid summer day when a mysterious traveling salesman named Quentin Drake came to town. He always has what you need. Donít worry about the cost; you neednít always pay in cash.

How will you cope with that which threatens your way of life?

This dark mid-century America setting was written by Jesse Burneko of Blood Thorn Press (

Art, as always, by Jennifer Rodgers.

You can download the 2-page PDF here ( direct, or here ( from RPGNow.