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Title: Back after a long hiatus
Post by: LateNite on May 23, 2010, 10:45:22 PM
I have returned after a long hiatus of about 3 years.  I have lost all of the work on my old system in the making (known as Entropy if anyone remembers me talking about it at all, which I doubt. :) )

Anyhow, just dropping in to say Hi again and state that I'm working on the d10 Core system, a new system based on using solely a d10 for all task resolution, stat generation, and anything else in the game.  I will post here as progress commences on the system.  The corebook will be first, then supplements to follow for a variety of game settings.  Think GURPS without so much math.  You can read my first two blog entries for the goals and missions of this game system on the website below. (You don't have to register to visit and read articles.)

For now, anyone who wants to visit my base camp can do so at  (if anyone wants to make constructive criticism on the website itself, go ahead.)

I'm 35 pages in on the rough draft in the word processor (OpenOffice) free format (no real formatting or "book layout" going at this time, just brainstorming and writing my draft).