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Title: Dust Devils PDF now available!
Post by: Matt Snyder on October 17, 2002, 12:03:36 PM
Howdy, pardners!

I'm pleased to announce that Dust Devils is now available on PDF. This 24-page document features everything found in the print version, including color cover artwork by Jon Hodgson and interior illustrations by Rod Anderson. The PDF is available for $5.95. Click here to get yours now! (

The print version of Dust Devils is still available. This attractive digest sized version features a color cover by , parchment-style pages all in digest-sized 36-page book. The print version is $10.00 plus shipping and handling.

Dust Devils debuted at GenCon 2002, and received critical acclaim. Jonathan Tweet named the game his "Pick of the Con (," and Ken Hite ( reviewed the game in his "Out of the Box" column with some very kindly comment!

Guy McLimore has just written an review for Dust Devils. Check out his excellent review ( for a good summation of the game's all about from a third party!

Order the Dust Devils PDF now (, and you can have Dust Devils faster than chain lightning with a broke link!

Matt Snyder