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Title: Entering the superhero market
Post by: Michael Hopcroft on August 28, 2003, 12:41:40 AM
Seraphim Guard is going to be entering the superhero RPG market in 2004 through the M&M Superlink program. We have two books contracted out and a third under negotiations.

The books we will definitely be releqsing are:

World of Heroism is a supplement aboutb the culture of superheroics in seven real-world cities: London, Tokyo, Hong Konh, Rio de Janerio, Johannesburg, Moscow and Baghdad. How does the superhero culture vary with the national culture? How does an ethical super survive and act when he lives under a despotic regime, and how does a change in regime affect the local superheroes? There will be a plethora of heroes and villains in this book from all sveen cities, cultural notes galore, and many advneture seeds.

Lady Pain is completely different from any other superhero book that has been released. It's "a romantic comedy about superheroes", which could also be descirbed by asking the question "What would Rumiko takahashi have written had she been stuck in the marvel Bullpen?" It's the story of a group of non-powreed polcie officers (the PCs) who have to capture a 400-year-old supervillainess who doesn;t look a day over 17. To make matters more complicated, all the superheroes around are bumbling fools and Lady Pain is falling in love with one of the PCs! What's a cop to do?

Look for these and more M&M Superllink products form Seraphim Guard in 2004!

Title: Entering the superhero market
Post by: DevP on August 29, 2003, 01:35:46 PM
Superhero action in Baghdad seems potentially touchy, but very, very damn interesting. Please, go for it. I'll be interested to see what happens.

(In contrast, I feel somewhat turned off by those WAR ON TERROR d20 Modern splatbooks; sure, people want to participate in modern action, but it just seemed so easily capable of veering into tastelessness.)

Title: Entering the superhero market
Post by: Michael Hopcroft on September 24, 2003, 09:22:53 PM

You'' be interested to know that my writer now plans to do a series of larger, more detailed books rather than one book covering all seven cities. the first three cities will be baghdad, Moscow and Tokyo (evidently he found the most potential for drama there).

expect this World of heroes: Volume 1 to appear in the frist quarter of 2004, sooner if the manuscript comes in early and if my current lead artist proves as productivve as he looks like he's going to be.

I'm excited, but then again these are exciting times over here what with all the new books I have writers under contract for -- writers who are poromising to meet their deadlines.