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Title: A new flaw
Post by: Stephen on October 24, 2003, 01:03:46 PM
One of the things I noticed is that a lot of the peoples in Weyrth suffer SOC penalties based on their national character:  Stahlners, for instance, get -1 SOC because they are relentlessly honest.  But if such penalties are based on cultural traits, the traits in question are usually those respected by the culture, and the penalty should really only apply outside it rather than being a flat Attribute reduction.

So I came up with a new Flaw that people from antagonistic cultures, as well as those seeking more “interesting” characters, can have:

Offensive (minor or major)
Some aspect of your personality, character or behaviour is distinctly offputting to most people, so much so that you have difficulty interacting with anybody not used to your particular idiosyncracies.  This may be anything:  compulsive, tactless honesty; bad body odour; culturally-bred arrogance; consistent horrible punning; and so on.  The minor version of this Flaw penalizes all Soc-based rolls against anyone not familiar with your ways (a close friend or family member, or fellow countryman for cultural traits) by 1 die.  The major version signifies a behaviour so exaggerated and irritating it bugs even your close friends and countrymen: you take a -3 die penalty to all Soc-based rolls to strangers or new acquaintances, and a -1 die penalty even to close friends and fellow nationals!