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Title: Firearms stuff
Post by: Caz on December 23, 2003, 04:31:17 PM
Hey everybody, I've gotten some things accomplished.  
I've compiled and organized my designs for rules and stats for firearms and other ranged weapons.  
    I've got the rules, a basic list of accessories, and a start on a basic list of firearms and their stats, etc. etc.  The rules have turned out pretty well.  I'm still playtesting some of the weapons, but they're turning out pretty well, and may not need to be changed, but I know everybody here likes to do it different, but it's all pretty customizable.  If anyone wants I can post the stuff.  If you want it mailed to you let me know.  I should be able to do all that withing a couple of days.  It's all on wordpad stuff so it's pretty quick and there aren't a lot of complex rules.

Title: Firearms stuff
Post by: Jake Norwood on December 23, 2003, 05:11:37 PM
Send me a file, if you would, and we'll get it on the site eventually under "house rules"